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Pool and Lake Rules
Pool Rules
Babysitters 18 years or older are allowed to bring member children under their supervision to the pool.  The babysitter should bring the parent's pool card and they are considered a guest of the minor child.  Only two guests are allowed so 1 babysitter and 1 other guest.  If the babysitter will be with your child all summer, please drop off a note at the clubhouse drop box along with a copy of the sitter's license to explain the sitter will be at the pool all summer.
Need Pool Cards?
1. Complete application at the Clubhouse; also provide documented proof of residency during office hours
2. First 2 cards are free; all others are $10.00 each
3. Replacement cards (lost or stolen) are $10.00 each
4. Those over the age of 14 can obtain a card
5. 2 guest passes per household
6. Method of payment is by personal check made out to the MSHOA
7. There are no changes to the existing pool rules
Magnolia Springs Lakes Information
C&Rs Article VI Section 20: No swimming, ice skating or boats allowed on lakes.
Lake Regulations: You need a Magnolia Springs ID card in your possession to fish if you are 14 years old or older. You are allowed 2 guests. Exceptions to policy may be requested at the clubhouse to allow out of town visitors/ family, other special exceptions and will be granted. Our Security Manager monitors compliance and checks often. You will be asked to leave without proper identification. The objective is to prevent trespassers who take our fish paid for with your dues. If you see suspect fisherman report it to security or to the clubhouse especially if you observe them removing our large bass. You may also call me at phone # below. Resident phone (not a cell phone).
Catch and Release Policy: We need to remove bluegill and smaller bass from both lakes. You should take all bluegill in addition to bass up to 12-14 inches out of the lakes. They are excellent to eat. If you prefer not to keep these small fish, they may be released in the stream below the LOWER DAM. Please release back to the lakes all bass larger than 12-14 inches. We also have large catfish at 10-12 pounds in the lower lake stocked five years ago. Feel free to take or release as desired.
Ducks: We have two resident goose/ducks primarily in the upper lake. They are an odd couple. An Egyptian Goose and a Pekin duck. The goose has been instrumental in keeping Canada geese out of our lakes for at least 5 years. The goose is territorial and defends the upper lake as its territory. The goose will be aggressive if agitated by people (kids) and dogs. Unfortunately the goose does not and probably cannot discriminate. When agitated she may be aggressive against the next who come by walking or fishing. The goose may chase and fly at you. Just ignore or turn and face. Stand your ground. They will back off. The goose has not ever physically attacked a person in the four years since he/she has been here. Please do not harass the duck or goose (and ask your kids not to do so) or allow your dogs to chase them. Keep dogs on leash per Magnolia Springs regulations.
Turtles: We have snapping turtles (among many others species) with some quite large. They are not aggressive but will bite if cornered or provoked. Their bite is quite dangerous and they have been known to take fingers. They can also cause severe injury to animals like dogs. Just let them alone. Warn your children to leave them alone. If hooked while fishing cut the line about 18 inches from the turtle. Do Not attempt to remove the hook. Hooks are cheap and the turtle will be happy. The hook will be harmless to the turtle and dissolve over a short period of time.
Snakes: Less and less a problem over last two years. One report last year and one a couple of weeks ago. We have Eastern/Banded water snakes in rocks in both dams (which closely resemble Copperheads) and other non-poisonous varieties throughout the development. They are all harmless but will bite if provoked or cornered. I remain available to remove snakes from your property. Shovel/hoe and green cans also work. Or just let them be. They will go away.
Jan Roberts
Lakes and Snakes